Engaging training, strategically delivered

Salesforce is an incredible tool. It’s also expensive. There is no debate about that. Even if you have free licenses, the implementation alone can cost thousands of dollars – and that’s before your first users log in!

Despite incurring this cost JUST for implementation, it is rare for a company to take the proper measures to ensure that the tool is being used consistently and correctly.

What those companies may not realize is that as their team slowly begins unlearning the proper habits that they were taught adoption begins to drop – eating away at all that time and money spent!

The Office Gentleman creates engaging and relevant training content specifically designed for YOUR Salesforce implementation to keep your users informed and effective!

Our process is simple:


We will learn about your business process and where your users need the most training


We will create accessible and engaging course content, including video, slides, and quizzes


We continually measure user knowledge by assigning weekly, monthly or annual assessments.

One of the main reasons implementations fail is due to lack of proper training and coincidentally is one of the most neglected.

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