Salesforce Admins and Users Rejoice (5 Groovy Enhancements from the Summer ’18 Release)


Summer ’18 release is here and many great enhancements have been delivered. Lightning continues to make improvements and is beginning to offer more and more features and customization to help keep admins from switching to Classic to make the changes they need. After skimming through the Summer Release Notes, here are my favorite enhancements that admins and their users will enjoy!

  • Customize Task List View in Lightning

Users can finally customize the task list views in lightning to include custom filters, custom fields, and sorting. This was a much needed enhancement and very, very popular on the Idea exchange!

  • Create Copies of Tasks for Colleagues

Gone are the days of creating the same task multiple times so they could each be assigned to different users. Users can now create a copy of a task and assign to multiple people. Everyone gets a separate task that is assigned to them! This will hopefully increase collaboration between sales.


  • Mass Email Campaign Members

This is not so much as a functionality enhancement as it is a workflow enhancement. Now, marketing can send mass emails straight from the campaign where previously, the members had to be emailed by navigating to Account, Mass Email and selecting the campaign. Ok, ok, I know it might not sound like that big of a deal – but it has been highly desired for 9 years! Check out the idea on the idea exchange:

Mass Email

  • Set up Person Accounts in Lightning Experience

If you’re in the group that has encountered this issue – you’re either going to be grateful it’s here or upset it didn’t come sooner….Or both! Previously if an org utilized Person Accounts and you wanted to change the page layout or compact layout you could not access the page layouts from lightning. Even if you were on the page, and you wanted to make a change to the components – you’d have to wait and wait until you never saw your changes! Now, Salesforce has made it possible to select the Person Account customization right from lightning set up. Hurray!

  • Track Time with a Time Data Field

This feature is now generally available and allows an admin to create a field for capturing time. I have personally never encountered a use case where this is necessary but I can imagine it will be very helpful for multiple business scenarios that involve exact tracking or event management.


Many great features are being delivered with the Summer 18’ release and not just for admins. Keep an eye out for my blog on enhancements for developers!