Excel Etiquette: 4 Essential Manners When Sending an Excel File.


Everyone was taught the same fundamental manners. Say please and thank you, make eye contact, don’t talk with your mouth full, put the toilet seat down, don’t scream at squirrels, etc. Unfortunately, when it comes to office manners – some of us were born in a barn yesterday! No offense to anyone actually born in a barn…or yesterday.

Remember these excel etiquette practices, and you’ll be highly esteemed and well-liked!

  1. Freeze the Top Row

If your Excel file is large and requires a lot of scrolling, you don’t want your coworkers or clients getting all mixed up about what column they are looking at! Freeze the Top row by navigating to View -> Freeze Panes ->  Freeze Top Row. Now the top row is visible no matter where your co-workers scroll off to.



  1. Add Filters and Sort

Although Excel is totally cool and awesome, some people don’t want to spend more time than necessary finding what they need. Add a filter and sort the data in a way that is meaningful to your audience. Go to Data Tab -> Filter.


  1. Express yourcell! Format your cells.

Add some distinction to your data by adding and outline and inline border. Highlight your selection and right click -> Format Cells.. -> Border -> Outline and Inside




  1. Name Your Sheets

Here’s a super simple one! If you’ve got more than one sheet in your workbook, add some names. Double click on your sheet’s tab and begin typing.



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