3 Easy and Potentially Life Saving Excel Tricks/Tips

Excel. Almost everyone uses it! However, for how much time you spend on excel there are always some features or tips to be discovered that can make your life a whole lot easier. Here are 3 tips and tricks that could potentially save you lots of time!

1.      Cloning a Sheet

Copy and paste is cool and all, but if you’re dealing with a relatively large or complicated file it can be time consuming, take tons of scrolling, or potentially cause a crash! Here is how to easily clone a sheet.

·        Hold Control and click on the label of your sheet you want to copy and drag the cursor over to either side of your sheet. If done correctly, you should see a down arrow icon. Then, release your mouse and the sheet will be copied!

2.      Space Columns at Once

Excel gets cramped real quick! Give yourself enough room!

To space all columns at once select the diagonal arrow between the first row number and first column header. This will select everything in the entire sheet. Next, double click the | space between the first and Second Column (A and B). Watch your data space beautifully!

3.      Wrangle Duplicate Values

Tracking down nasty dupes? There is a feature for that!

Highlight the column you suspect duplicates to be hiding (you may want to sort on that column first) and select ‘Conditional Formatting’ under the Styles menu. Navigate to Highlight Cell Rules -> Duplicate Values and watch duplicates appear before your eyes! You can also sort by the duplicate values.

I hope you found something in here that will help you in your excel adventures! Now get out there and stare at your computer!


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